Road Bike Multi-Day Tour - Santa Cruz Mountains

Ever wanted to try a multi-day bike ride to challenge your skills? Well you are in luck! Evelyn and I are hosting a 3 day Cycling Tour that starts and ends in Santa Cruz. We will support with our truck / camper and cargo trailer to carry all of clothes, tools, bike parts, tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags. That means you will just have to focus on riding your bike. This trip is intended for people that bike on a weekly basis and are confident they are in good shape to tackle this challenge.

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Confirmation: To confirm that everyone who has RSVPd is still committed to going and reading these messages, please send me a text message at 408-836-3542 with your name so I can mark you as committed. Please, do not be a last minute drop, keep your RSVP updated!

Route: Starting at the Pasatiempo Park and Ride near Santa Cruz, we will travel up Empire Grade Road most of the first day. We may either stay at Little Basin Campground or a private home that has a large open area available for tent camping. The second day will wander through Big  Basin before climbing up to Skyline Blvd for a few miles before beginning our descent down Alpine road and Pescadero Creek road. We will then stay at another private ranch / estate in tents. On the 3rd day, we will ride down Highway 1 until we reach the cutoff for Bonny Doon and then make it back to the Pasatiempo park and ride. This route will have vehicle traffic on it so it is imperative that you obey all traffic laws and be safe at all times.

Mileage: (See bottom of posting for full details)

Day 1: 21 Miles

Day 2: 46 Miles

Day 3: 36 Miles

Group Expectations: The distances of this ride are not necessarily extraordinary for those that bike on a weekly basis however there will be a lot of climbing involved. Because there will be people of different rider abilities, we expect that riders support each other and stick together. If there is a fast group and slow group that is okay as we have radios to go around but what we don't want are single riders charging ahead on their own or falling behind the group. Be ready to be a team rider for this trip to make it as safe as possible.

SAG / Support: Evelyn and I will be shadowing the riders throughout the day, providing plenty of opportunity to stop, rest, refuel and hydrate as needed as well as carrying any bike tools and parts you may need for the ride. Our camper does have a very small bathroom for any sudden emergencies... Our job is to ensure that the riders are well supported, we will not be participating in the ride ourselves. We will also provide radios for communication with the riders. We have limited seating in the truck so only those that are injured or falling behind to the point of not being able to catch up will be given a lift. The expectation is that you ride the ride, not ride the truck.

Food: Evelyn and I will be providing and cooking all meals while on this trip. The tentative meal plan includes: Lunch will consist of sandwiches, snacks, cookies, drinks, etc... Dinner for the first night will be a Mac & Cheese with Ground beef, salad, garlic bread, cookies and drinks. Dinner for the second night will be Spaghetti and Meatballs, garlic bread, salad, cookies and drinks. Breakfast the first morning will be an egg scramble, fruit, orange juice and breakfast the second morning will be pancakes, fruit, orange juice. If you have special dietary restrictions we cannot cook separate food however you are free to bring your own food to cook and you may have access to our stove after we have finished cooking for others.

Special Diets: We have had some requests for people with special diets. If you have special diet requirements, we are happy to offer space in our ice-chest for your food however you will be responsible to cook it. We will offer our cooking gear to you but you will likely need to wait until after we have completed cooking for the rest before we can give you space in the kitchen so to speak.

Sleeping Gear: You will need to bring your own tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag plus extra blankets (just to ensure you stay warm). We will provide camp chairs, tables and other basic camping supplies. All of your gear should be able to be tucked into a large duffel bag (it will be stored in the cargo trailer with everyone else's equipment so loose gear will get mixed up).

How much Gear Can I bring? I will have a 6x12ft cargo trailer and will be carrying everyone's gear inside of it. You are allowed to bring two duffel bags (one for clothes and gear, the other for your tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and pillow). All of your gear MUST be in a zippered bag of some sort, please no trash bags as they will get torn apart and will be a hassle to deal with.

Cost: This trip is a lot more involved than your typical day event that we typically post. The fee will be $250.00 and it will cover, Food for the three days (7 meals), snacks, drinks plus someone to cook all of that food as well as campsite fee for two nights. Additionally, you will get vehicle support for your entire ride and someone to carry all of your camping and bike gear. Multi-Day bike tours on average cost ~$400 per day so  trip like this would usually cost ~$1200 per person. This trip is a great way for those of you who have wanted to try a multi-day SAG supported bike ride but the cost has been prohibitive.

Group Size: We are going to cap this at 14 riders total and in order to make this work, we need a minimum of 10 paid riders. The event will be posted on this meetup group as well as a bicycling focused Meetup group to try to get the word out.

Bikes: It is assumed that you will be riding your own bike. We will carry in the trailer any extra tubes / parts and tools that you wish to bring. We will have a bike pump available for everyone to use.

Refunds: If we don't receive the minimum of 10 paid riders, we will postpone or cancel the event and offer refunds to those that did sign up. Inclement weather such as cloudy or light rain will not necessarily be a cause to cancel.

RSVP: Because the fee for this event is higher than typical events, we understand that people may wait on their RSVP until they are absolutely certain they are able to go.If you are thinking about going but can't make a firm commitment please send me a message so I am aware that you are a possibility. You must complete your RSVP no later than 1 week before the trip (so we can procure all the supplies). If we do not have 10 committed riders 1 week prior to the trip we will postpone / cancel and refund.

Campsite: We are working with private landowners to try to procure reliable campsites we know will be available. If for some reason we cannot come up with both nights accommodations within 1 week before the event then we will have to postpone or cancel and refund any paid riders.

Showers: We will work to have showers available both nights however depending on the location we stay at for the evening, the shower available may be limited to the shower in the SAG Wagon. It is a tight fit but it does work.

Transportation / Parking: It is best if you are able to arrange for a ride to drop you off and pick you up for this trip. Parking may be available at the park and ride but you are subject to the rules of the park and ride.


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