Introduction to Backpacking Level II

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Our intermediate course is designed to take someone who has backpacked a couple of times and thinks they want to progress to being able to plan their own backpacking adventures. By the end of the course, you will feel confident to pick a location, plan a route, gather necessary permits and coordinate with your buddies for your adventure!

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Our Intermedia Backpacking Course is broken into two sections:

Part A: Backpacking Basics Classroom Introductory Course (4 hours)

The classroom experience is designed to give you a taste of what the sport of backpacking is without the "trial by fire" method of just taking you into the mountains. In a classroom environment, you will be presented with information and handouts designed get you familiar with some of the "lingo" and general ideology of what backpacking is about. You will also be given a chance to see in person various types of backpacking gear laid out before you so you will have an educated idea of what you need for your first trip when going to your local outfitters. At the end of this four hour course you will be better prepared to plan for your first backpacking adventure.

  1. Location Selection
  2. Google Earth
  3. Cal-Topo
  4. Route Selection
  5. Water Considerations
  6. Campsite Selection
  7. Permits
  8. Emergency Contact Information

Part B: Backpacking Basics Trail Time Experience Course (4 days)

In our Trail Time Experience Course you will go on your first ever backpacking trip into the mountains! Here we will put to use the classroom knowledge you gained but in a low pressure environment. We tailor this trip to the skills and abilities of the students and the number one priority is safety followed by having a good time. Our route will be limited in mileage (between 3 to 7 miles per day) in order to provide ample day light time for campsite activities and instruction. We will be on well marked trails that are generally fairly well maintained to reduce the risk of injury through high risk scrambling. Our methodology is to show by doing and we strive to make our backpackers feel comfortable to ask any questions they may have no matter how embarrassed they may be. Over the course of 4 days you will grow in confidence and knowledge and by the end of the trip you will have a good understanding of what the sport of backpacking is and you can decide if you want to continue with the sport!

  1. 3 Night, 4 Day Backpacking Trip
  2. Trail-Head Arrival & Final Preparations
  3. Group Hiking and Pacing Strategies
  4. Campsite Selection and Setup
  5. Meal Preparation, Cooking & Cleanup
  6. Food Hanging / Bear Canister Use
  7. Wildlife Encounters
  8. Personal Hygiene
  9. No Trail Left Behind
  10. Day Scrambles

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