Picture of MeMy name is Robert Adamis, I've been an avid outdoor person for as long as I can remember. Starting with summer camping trips in the Sierras with my family and fishing experiences with my dad and then later expanding to attending 9 months of Search and Rescue training in Upper Peninsula, hosting backpacking trips for my closest friends since 1999 to now hosting backpacking trips for beginners on Meetup.com in our Christian Outdoor Adventurers group.  I also spent 11 years as an Active Duty US Air Force Officer and am now continuing my service in the USAF Reserves.

Firelight Adventures is the development of an idea I have had for many years and borrowed from other organizations I've encountered in my lifetime. I firmly believe in the idea that strong bonding of parent to child is absolutely critical towards for healthy adulthood. In my own childhood, my father was a Marine Engineer and was out to see for six months out of the year. When he came home our family would make frequent trips up into the Sierras together and most of my cherrished memories are of the two of us out fishing well past sunset and scrambling home in the dark.