Summer Day Camp - Level 1 - Backpacking and Basic Outdoor Survival Skills for Kids

This course is geared towards kids ages 8 to 14 that are interested in unsupported multi-day backpacking trips. During the course, they will be challenged with the basis of outdoorsmanship to include: backpacking gear, hiking, hydration basics, fire safety, basic rope skills knowledge, basic first aid, land navigation, outdoor cooking, basic survival skills. This course is designed to be fun and interactive where the kids will be given ample opportunity to perform hands on practice of the skills they learned.

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  1. Backpacking gear (60 minutes): In this course the kids will see the different types of backpacking gear commonly used in the sport today. They will see everything from Backpacks, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Water Filters, Stoves, Flashlights, Creature Comforts, Ultra Light Weight and more.

  2. Hiking (20 minutes): In this section we will discuss common trail etiquette, how to hike with others, how to pace oneself, proper foot care and more.

  3. Hydration basics (20 minutes): In this section we will discuss the variety of water filtration methods available today. From the standard water filters commonly used to survival situations.

  4. Fire safety (30 minutes): How to build a safe campfire and how to properly extinguish a campfire.

  5. Basic rope skills knowledge (30 minutes): Common knots useful for everyday applications. How to properly hang food in a tree.

  6. Basic first aid (20 minutes): How to take care of blisters, minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises. What to do with more serious medical problems.

  7. Land navigation (45 minutes): How to plan a successful backpacking trip. What software applications are available to use. GPS navigation versus compass navigation.

  8. Outdoor cooking (30 minutes): What types of meals can one cook? What sort of cooking utensils are necessary?

  9. Basic survival skills (30 minutes): What happens when one gets lost or separated from the group? How to survive in the cold? What comes first when one realizes they are lost?

Course Time: 4.5 hours Hands on Instruction

Age Appropriate: 10 and up

Course Cost: $80 Per Student

Student Limit: 10 Students Max

Completion of this course allows for advancement to the next course “Weekend Camping Trip - Level 1” where the students will be allowed to put their skills to the test in a safe environment with an overnight camping trip.

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